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Nathan S. Samuel

“This is the best club in town – two of my passions combined together! I love coming here on off days, brushing up with my skills and gearing up for upcoming events.”

Eva M. Killian

“Horseback archery is a fantastic, adrenaline junkie sport. Horse-riding is my comfort – I grew up with horses around. But archery with horse-riding is a real challenge – and I’m glad I took it up!”

Robert B. San

“I spend weekends chilling out in this club. I get a lot of exposure and training here which is crucial for the events I participate in. And what’s better – I get to earn my participation points too! A great place to spend your time and learn something new.”

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The Health Benefits of Horse Riding

By |August 20th, 2018|Categories: Horse Riding|

Horses have existed since the beginning of time, and there has never been a time that they weren’t appreciated for their strength or majestic abilities. Considering everything from the way they walk, jump and run, there has always been some idea surrounding that of a unicorn, a fictional horse that holds with all the magic in the world.

Horse riding has been implemented for a long time, especially for the reason of transportation, for agricultural purposes, exercise, competition and, for means of entertainment.

Although riding a horse might seem easy, there are many aspects of riding this incredible animal that is difficult. First, riding a horse requires a lot of hard work, and while this might seem like a strange thing to say, a rider needs to keep a constant focus to avoid falling off the horse, preparing for jumps, direct the horse and stop it when needed.

Due to having to be physically fit to ride a horse properly, there are many physical, as well as psychological benefits to riding a horse.

Horse Riding Health Benefits


Contrary to popular belief, horse riding is not a sedentary activity.

There is a lot of constant movement and control that needs to be taken into consideration when riding a horse. The rider needs to continually engage muscles, such as his/her core muscles to keep a steady form on the horse, arm muscles, as well as leg muscles.

Horse riding is thus considered to be a proper sport, and due to the duration of rides, it can also be both a cardiovascular, as well as an endurance exercise.

The energy expenditure requirement also adds up to as much as that of which is required in playing a squash game, playing baseball or even football.

Horse riding also requires of a rider to look after their horse. So, not only is it a fun, physically challenging activity, but it can also allow for one to gain a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to grooming the horse or looking after its harness and gear.


A Peaceful Mind and Wellbeing

If you’ve ever ridden a horse before, you know what a fantastic experience horse riding can be.

It has been proven that horses can allow you to feel compassion, feel good about yourself, develop a sense of care, self-esteem and even interpersonal skills.

Since horses are social animals, horse riding is also a perfect activity or sport, for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety or any other related mental health issue.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Learning To Ride A Horse

By |August 20th, 2018|Categories: Learning To Ride A Horse|

No article or video tutorial can properly equip you with the skills needed to ride a horse and care for it. You need firsthand experience with a trained instructor or coach to show you the ropes. But you can get some information online on what actually goes into learning to ride a horse. Here is some information to help you learn how to competently ride a horse.

1. Before you begin:

The first step to riding a horse is not jumping on a horse and figuring it out as you go. There are plenty of skills you need to acquire like learning to tie, groom and lead. These skills are crucial to keep you and the horse safe and have a great time doing it.

2. Saddle Up:

The next skill you need to learn is how to put a saddle on your tied and groomed horse. You can either put a Western or English saddle.

3. Mounting Your Horse:

After you have successfully put a saddle on your horse, it is time for you to get on it. You need to learn how to properly mount your horse and the correct sitting position in the saddle.

4. Start off Slowly:

After you have successfully mounted your horse, you can slowly start riding it. Initially, you will feel awkward and unbalanced and have a hard time controlling your body. You may also forget what you are supposed to do next. But this is all normal for someone starting out. The key is practice. Your instructor should start you off with Walk, Halt and Turn- which is the absolute basics of riding. These new motions will take a little time to get used to.

5. Trot or Jog

After you get used to your horse’s movements and have gained more confidence in riding it, you can start to move a little quicker and ride faster. But remember to never push yourself too much. Challenging yourself is okay but rushing things will only end in disaster. Learning to ride a horse should be fun and not scary.


6. Riding Safety:

Learning to ride safely should your highest priority. There a couple of things you need to keep in mind, to ensure your safety and your horse’s.
• Arena Etiquette: Just like the road, there are rules when riding with others to avoid collisions and cutting other riders off.
• Safety on the Trail: Riding on a trail can be adventurous but there are hazards you need to keep an eye out for.
• Use extra caution when riding out when it is dark.
• Horses and cars don’t mix. If for any reason, you need to ride in traffic, be careful and stick along the roadside.

7. After your Ride

Your job as a rider is not over after you have finished ridding. You need to make sure the horse is comfortable and maybe even give it a treat for a job well-done.

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My First Time Riding a Horse

By |September 5th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

horse-laughingMy first time horseback riding was quite some time ago, it wasn’t anything spectacular, I did not realize how talented I was nor did I have some spiritual connection with the horse, in fact it was quite embarrassing. It was a quite some time back, my friends invited me to go to a mountain camp resort, it had everything from repelling, zip lines, among other suicidal contraptions they call “fun”, of course I could not back down from any challenge, whether they know this or not, they also invited a girl I was very much interested in, and every fiber in my body demanded that I would be all macho and such, though my body was actually very soft a flabby.

It’s my time to shine…

The first day had a lot of hiking involved, and my non-sporty body pretty much did not impress, though she was a nice girl and was pretty much friendly throughout the whole trip. It became clear that it she was actually into the sporty single guy of the group, who was annoying enough incredibly talented at pretty much everything he touched on. So, even though he was like one of my best buddies, he was at that time my adversary. And I waited for the time that I would outshine him, and the next morning, that moment came.

We had all signed up for horseback riding lessons, it was nothing much, our trainer was not an equestrian or anything professional, he was the guy in charge of the stables. Since none of us were trained, and there was a lack of staff in the stables that time, we opted to get individual lessons on one horse (like I said it’s nothing like the lessons we talk about here, just sharing my first time). So yeah, we were a bunch of young people riding a horse, being dragged around being told what to do like children. Something good came up with this though, and that is that our sporty guy apparently had trouble with horseback riding. I thought to myself that it was my moment to shine! I did rather well on my uncle’s mechanical bull, so why not this…

When it was my turn I was ready to show off as soon as the guy told me the controls (yeah I was an idiot), so I listened to the guy and showed that I was pretty capable, I asked if I could ride on my own a bit and after a moment of hesitation, and the promise of a generous tip, I was allowed to do so.

The horse is a beautiful creature, and it was an incredible experience to ride one for the first time. With the teaching of the guy, I had control over it, and when the clearing came and I saw the group waiting in the distance, I decided to show off a bit by making the horse “go faster”. I think I had look pretty magnificent back then, just like those old Marlboro commercials, I later realized that I really wasn’t taught how to slow a horse down… Yes, the moment I was supposed to show my greatness became an embarrassing one of shouting and crying for help.

In the end I was fine, as the horse did eventually slow down and the trainer got a hold of us. I vowed to better myself in the equestrian ways that day. Now I am pretty good in what I do, and though sporty guy lived happily ever after with the girl, I found something I enjoy doing.

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Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

By |September 22nd, 2018|Categories: Blog|

Marketing is among the most crucial areas of a company of any kind. You will find tv advertisements, radio spots, pages in newspapers or magazines, and also, of course, outdoor advertising. This type of advertising could be just about the most productive of all kinds of advertising for reasons that are numerous.

All ways of advertising for your company have their advantages, but outdoor advertising has a number of them especially when you see website products like teardrop banners that are quite eye catching because of there design. Every day new and folks that are the old drive, ride, or maybe traveling by outdoor advertising. The commuters and travelers that pass this particular type of outdoor advertising have been reminded again and again that your company is there just when they require you most.

You will find various types of patio advertising as well; a lot you can discover the ideal solution to suit your business and its method. Various kinds of marketing out of doors include such items as a billboard, bus and train depot, moving billboards like buses, and trains. You can decide just what deal you’d like that could correctly benefit your organization, choosing and picking where and when you’d like your company being noticeable to the commuters.

An additional advantage associated with outside advertising may be the capacity that it’s to stay with people who view it, particularly the commuters that get to see and experience it each day. Each time these tourists or commuters see your outdoor advertising, they’re reminded just what it’s what you would like them to learn about your company the best.

When an advertising technique it found to a client again and again for a repeated enterprise, the likeliness of your business sticking into their mind whenever they require you increases every single time, making any type of marketing your organization has selected is both powerful plus well worth every penny you’ve invested.

Any kind of advertising could be helpful to your business. It’s essential when you choose what type of advertising you take a variety of elements into account, however. To begin with, you have to recognize you have your money’s worth from it, realizing that the cash you place it is going to be in a position to enable you to get good comments out of it.

Outdoor advertising is among the best of all the types of marketing due to its broad general appeal to individuals of various places and genres, whether it’s a positioned billboard which will stay in a similar location or even a traveling billboard on things that are such as s bus and train.

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SEO Marketing – Landing Page Optimization

By |September 16th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

So why do you feel are you looking at this? Could it be since you joined the very same name in your Search Engine box that landed you to this page? Most probably that’s the situation.

The concept behind land page optimization is grounded on the idea of directing audience on the appropriate info. Flagstone Search Marketing isn’t just about generating traffic to your site, and it is all about targeted marketing

More traffic does not mean you’re acquiring more sales. More traffic additionally means more noise. You need more prospects that may be transformed into buyers.

Using wrong SEO marketing techniques can harm your business.

In case you’ve enhanced your search engine ranking with SEO, you are going to have a lot of guests. What in case the info on a landing webpage is just not what they’re searching for? Even worse, in case your landing page contains incorrect product or grammar errors info, you’ve only produced an upset reader.

Landing page optimization for people, not only customers

Create correct and valuable information on your landing page is crucial to SEO marketing. When a Google user is seeking a particular subject and then found your webpage with the proper info you
will routinely construct trustworthy reputation.

Do not only produce info for prospective buyers but also for blog readers. The quantity of blogger has increased considerably over the last four years. This’s a good indication that web surfers love to find information online.

In case a blog site reader found your site with info which is useful in that they will link back to your site. You have only developed successful viral marketing and advertising with SEO strategy. Diverting maximum targeted visitors to your site with SEO advertising is the final goal.

SEO Marketing differs from Pay Per Click

SEO marketing techniques have existed for some time. SEO advertising tactic is sexy, and it is both low-cost and in high demand nowadays to promote your business. It’s dependent on organic online search engine results and differs from any’ pay per click’ ad or’ paid inclusion’ ad.

Online marketing can remember a lot of possible drive and leads visitors to your site, but we need to be honest here. Advertising does likely to get annoying for many internet users they can’t discover what they’re searching for. They wind up wasting time in clicking on an advertising campaign with a phony promise. Eventually, you’ve dropped a few dollars for a wasted click.

SEO advertising is about visitors on the right landing page

Irrespective of age, location or perhaps some other irrelevant factor, every single internet person is seeking info. In case you’re one amongst the several, who can offer the actual portion of unveiled info to the audience, you’ll have a better chance to produce much more lead.

11 key SEO Marketing ideas to help you create a proven and successful marketing campaign

  • Create a site with correct and valuable content
  • Create keyword rich content, but concentrated towards the internet audience. Taking smart keyword research is essential. See your keyword research programs in look and place for non-competitive keywords. Keywords should be relevant and specific to your web company, to be able to obtain fast SEO results.
  • Include related keyword everywhere inside your landing page
  • Include the pertinent keywords in meta tags, page title, website address, landing page and also file names almost as possible
  • Navigation on the site should be kept simple
  • Create links by spreading related content Link building is as the backbone of SEO web marketing. Spread related material on net in the form of posts, websites, social media content material, and press releases, will link heading to your site.
  • Create an expert writer to show expert Create a picture for the professional writer that’s publishing content in the net. This can gain the trust of the audience.
  • Keep your articles up-to-date Fresh info attracts increased attention.

SEO Marketing requires time, same as branding

SEO advertising isn’t a one day process and also thus you require incredible consistency and total dedication with regards to gradually creating your brand name through expert SEO web marketing methods.

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Wooden Bows and Arrows and Termites

By |May 1st, 2017|Categories: Blog|

This might seem like an unlikely thing to happen, but it most certainly can.  Termites love wood, and though most bows are made of composite material, archery schools tend to buy bows with wooden risers, which if stored improperly can easily die, unfortunately, there is the thought of the problematic number of possibilities, such as the case with termites we had in our camp. We had placed most of our equipment in storage facilities all throughout the site. Unfortunately, one out of the four storage shed we had was infested with termites some time ago. We had employed a Pest Control Company Youngstown and let them do their job before entering to see what the damage was, most of the newer arrows were still usable, but the older wooden ones were far gone. The bows were pretty much unusable, but we were able to salvage the limbs as they looked like they were still usable.


The incident made us think over things and decided to transition into more sturdy materials that would last longer slowly. Our location and the amount of time we keep our equipment in storage without checking can allow another incident like this to happen, and rather than continuously spending money to avoid such things from happening, we opted to bug spray and sturdier equipment immune to the damage termites can bring.

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Carpets For You and Your Horses

By |March 28th, 2017|Categories: Blog|

Carpets are an excellent accent to any room. It provides a homey and warm ambiance to a homes and offices. The trends may change, but carpets will always have a love affair with the dwellings they decorate. Also, a nice and clean carpet will leave a good impression to all our clients.

The carpet in the hall of our riding school in Utah has always been in good condition. Regular vacuuming helps in keeping the surface free from dirt and dust. However, the daily traffic in the riding school can inevitably turn the carpet drab. That is the reason why we contracted professional carpet cleaners to regularly take care of our carpets. Their service will help prolong the carpet’s life and keep it smelling fresh.

But did you know that aside from decorating our halls and lobby areas, the horses also benefit from carpets? No, we did not mean that we covered the entire stables with carpet, but it is close to that. There is a new material used as a footing for horse arenas, and that is recycled carpet fibers.

Recycling companies are starting to turn old carpets to carpet fibers to be utilized in the equestrian sector. The companies use heavy duty shredding machines to do the job. These carpet fibers are even hand-sorted to ensure that there are no glue or backing materials that could affect the quality of the threads. The carpet fibers are then mixed with sand or rubber fibers to form the horse footing.


The effect of adding textile to horse footing is the binding effect it gives to the sand particles. It increases friction that is why the footing is more stable than using just sand.

The advantages of using carpet fiber as horse footing are the following.

  • It provides a soft cushion to lessen the impact on horses’ legs especially when they are practicing.
  • It has good consistency and drainage.
  • It is resistant to frost.

This recycling initiative does not only create jobs and good footing materials for the horses. It also helps reduce garbage thrown into the landfills. It is helping the environment and provides immense benefits for the people and animals as well.

The carpet fiber is said to be safer than using rubber or PVC footing additive because it does not contain harmful chemicals. However, caution should be taken by riding schools who want to use it in their equestrian exercise area. You should choose reliable supplier to ensure that the carpet fiber you are using is clean and free from tacking wires that could hurt people and animals walking on the arena.

The carpet fibers should also be loose to blend well with the sand so check the fibers to ensure that there are no longer sticking to the carpet backing. You should also know that carpet fibers are sold by the ton. As such, careful inspection should be done because the carpet fibers are useless if it is not shredded to proper specification. In addition, the fibers you should buy should not be too sparse to get the value of your money.

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How To Take Proper Care Of Riding School Horses

By |January 11th, 2017|Categories: Blog|

Riding schools in Denver are confronted with pest problems same as in farms. Pests are a threat to the general health and performances of the horses. Common pests that affect horses are flies, bots, ticks, lice, mites, mosquitoes and blister beetles. Pests are a nuisance to the horse. These insects can cause the animal to be nervous and distract its performance. They can make the horse stomp, rub and constantly twitch its tail. Pests can also transmit disease to the animal. It is important to know the pests that can affect riding school horses. Here are the common nuisance insects and how they affect the horses:

  • Blister Beetles – They are toxic to horses and could contaminate Alfalfa Hay. These insects thrive on hay so it is important to inspect your hay for these insects.
  • Stable Flies – They bite and suck blood from the host. They can also transmit disease and parasites that causes stomach worms.
  • Mosquitoes – They feed in numbers and cause significant blood loss to horses. They can also transmit dangerous equine infectious disease such as anemia and encephalitis.
  • Bot Flies – They are considered a serious pests of U.S Horses. The flies do not bite but lay eggs and grow inside the stomach that can cause serious damage to the stomach lining of the horse.
  • Ticks – They carry diseases like Lyme disease and transmit it to the host.
  • Lice – They feed on blood or skin tissues and secretions. They cause the infested horse extreme discomfort causing the animal to stomp, rub, and bite themselves.


Eradicating these pests requires expertise because each pest responds to pest treatments differently. Contact a company that provides affordable pest extermination services in Denver CO to identify the specific pest and provide the right mix of pest control solutions to exterminate the insects. Proper pest extermination services will ensure that your riding school is pest-free and the school horses are away from harmful insects. Good and consistent environmental sanitation practices are the first line of defense against pest infestation in riding schools. The following pest prevention and control methods could help prevent nuisance insects in your riding school:

  • Stabling during peak fly activity can relieve the school horses. If it is not possible, provide the horse with protective devices such as face masks, ear nets and repellent tags.
  • Ensuring the proper disposal of animal waste is key to prevent the spread of flies. Stable flies breed in mixture of manure, feeds and decayed bedding in the barn. Pesticides may also be applied on manure piles to prevent maggot growth.
  • Developing drainage systems to prevent stagnant water build-up in the irrigation system will prevent breeding of mosquitoes.
  • Clearing up weeds and other plant that can serve us hiding places for flies and other insects.

Remember that a great riding school in Denver does not only offer the best lessons and programs to its students. It is also concerned with the safety and well-being of the horses and the environment.

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My First Proper Archery Lesson and What I Learned

By |October 30th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

It was a Saturday, and my friends decided that we should visit the new archery range that just opened up, they had a special promo for groups that included free lessons from a professional archer. It was indeed too good of a deal to not get, so we went, and I have no regrets as the lessons greatly improved my handling of the bow, it also allowed me to truly get to know the sport enough that I grew to love it. Having a proper lesson with a professional is important, reading articles and watching videos helps a lot but without experiencing hands-on lessons at least once, it would be hard to truly know what the articles or video is talking about for most people.  To help you get started though I will tell you a few things I learned that day.

Don’t Release Without an Arrow


I must admit I did not understand why at first, and I was scolded by the instructor multiple times for doing it more than once, it was only later on that I fully understood why. You see, when you pull the string you pull the string, you store up energy at the limbs of the bow, when you release you transfer that energy to the arrow, allowing it to fly through the air and hit the target with enough force to penetrate it. If you do not have an arrow, there is nowhere for the energy to go and cause stress and damage to the limbs, possibly breaking it, or at the very least cause small amounts of damage that would one day build up and eventually break it. In the winter heating system is extremely important, after it stopped working last winter I had to call Atlanta’s electricians to fix my heating system, the electricians fixed it pretty quickly and it was all good.

The bow wasn’t too expensive but it wasn’t cheap as well, so if I kept on doing it and accidentally break it, that cheap promo price on lessons and use of the range would have become an expensive bill to replace the limbs of the bow, which is surprisingly not cheap.

Your Stance is important

Of course we all used the most basic of archery stance, the square stance, which was also the best stance for beginners. I did my best to keep a good stance, but I also wanted to explore how much of a difference an ‘improper’ or ‘poor’ stance would affect the results of accuracy, unfortunately the results of my little experiment was inconclusive as I was a beginner and pretty much had poor accuracy with or without a proper stance. Although, I did find that it was easier to “try” to aim when using a proper stance. Also, my friend who had a better aptitude for the sport said and demonstrated that a proper stance does in fact matter… Show off…

Your Bow and Arrow Needs to Match


This is actually a more advanced thing to learn about, but after borrowing an arrow from a more experienced member of the group who brought his own bow and arrows, I observed that my accuracy has gotten worst, it was then that I learned that arrows and bows will need to match according to draw weight among other factors.



It was only after I had my first proper archery lesson that I had the experience to truly have a feel for the sport to understand the articles and videos. If not for that lesson I would not have had the interest and curiosity to explore the sport even further and later on fall in love with it.

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Riding Horses: You Don’t Need To Fall To Get Injured

By |October 22nd, 2016|Categories: Blog|

fallingWhenever we ride horses, our biggest fear, aside from the horse running at full speed out of control, is falling and getting injured. On my vacation a local Tucson horseback riding instructor that you don’t really need to fall down to get injured when riding a horse. If you know what you are doing and you are positioning yourself properly when riding, you have nothing to worry about, but the importance of how well your posture is when riding a horse can go beyond just not looking stylish when riding around the animal.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting standing or lying down, if you have a bad posture, it is bad for your body, more specifically your back. Now, if just being stationary in bad posture is bad, what more if you continuously experience force, a shock that causes the spine to compressing and decompressing repeatedly. Bakersfield bail bondsman came to our aid to bail out my friend when we had some trouble in Bakersfield.

herniated-discYour spine has a natural shock absorber, the cushion-like pads called disks, but when you put too much stress on this natural absorber, you may find one of them bursting one day, this is called a herniated disc, which is a very painful condition. It’s advisable to see a chiropractor if you suspect that you might have a herniated disc, though most times these injuries will heal after a few days, there are cases when a surgical procedure is needed to fix the problem.

This is why proper riding techniques and the basics are necessary in order to keep you from harming yourself. If you are already knowledgeable about riding, but have trouble with your posture, you may ask an instructor to help you with a few basic lessons. After which, you only need to practice the proper posture properly, and after a few days of consistently well posed riding you will just get used to it and it will become second nature.

In the event of such an injury though, you must immediately call for assistance as the pain is incredibly debilitating, so much so that you may fall from your mount and worsen the injury.  If you have a history of back injury, we suggest that you notify your doctor of your intent to ride horses. If your physician allows you to ride, as a precaution we urge you to always have a buddy with you to make sure that you are far from any danger.

If you allow yourself to practice the basics and good posture properly, you will be able to develop a stronger back, keeping you from the possibility of injury through resistance and a sturdier body.  Your safety should be your first concern when learning new things, as there are dangers that may lie in what would seem to be a relatively harmless activity or habit. It is essential to learn the basics of whatever new skill you are exploring, not just for you to have a better foundation and skill, but to know the safety precautions necessary to avoid injury and accidents, if the instructor were repeat a few safety reminders, listen  even if you already know them.

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Getting Breast Reduction Surgery in Las Vegas to Improve Archery

By |September 27th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

amazon-queenI’ve read in several articles before about ancient women archers bounding or even removing their breasts to keep them excellent archers. I’ve actually thought about making a study about it, regarding how these ancient female archers did this and if it truly did make them better archers. This study needs to be done to improve the potential of future female archers, and also keep them from making terrible decisions because of a few things ancient warriors did in the past, remember their understanding of physiology, though impressive, isn’t as accurate as modern man.

The first thing to do to get this study started is by asking doctors and professional archers who could tell us if there could be any difference in performance with breast sizes.  Having a volunteer that would look at the possible actual effects is one thing, but looking for someone who is skilled with the bow and is willing to jeopardize their ability in the name of science would also prove to be difficult. Electrician in Columbus OH recommended me a great chiropractor to fix my back pain.

When getting cosmetic surgery, it is important for doctors to first examine you if the changes would give you the desired results. I would imagine that the need to let the surgeon evaluate your breasts would be necessary along with the assistance of a professional archer opinion will be needed to determine if such an increase of ability is actually possible through the procedure.

Honestly this is a bit of an extreme way to get the desired ability, to the point of it being barbaric. But then again, the amazons are said to be excellent warriors who were quite formidable with an assortment of weaponry, including the bow.

Las Vegas would be the best place to conduct the study due to the sheer number of surgical conventions regarding breast procedures held there, if the medical information that could help with our analysis and study it would be found here. The effects of their surgery are also studied, apart from the cosmetic results, so the doctors of Las Vegas would be the best place to inquire if such an increase in performance is factual. In the event that a volunteer for the study can be found Las Vegas would also be the most viable option to choose a doctor to do the procedure.

As for now, a mere thought experiment cannot yield us results of this being an actual option for female archers to improve their abilities. It would be dangerous to presume anything now as it could either cause misguided people to make a poor decision, or the termination of studying this.

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Arrow Through The Heart

By |September 18th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

target-archeryWhen I was young, my father took me to the golf course. He was spending his Sunday relaxing while teaching me a little bit about his hobby. While we relaxing and as I was listening to my father, he asked me what do I find interesting to do during my spare time. It was then that she appeared. Beautiful golden hair, elegantly walking towards our direction, and gently spoke “would you like to play a game of archery with me?”

The day was just starting, as a young boy with nothing else to do, I gladly accepted the offer from the mysterious girl. It turned out that she was the daughter of one of my father’s golf buddy. She’s 3 years older than me, and swept my heart away like the gentle flow of the wind. I accepted her offer without actually having any idea what game we were about to do. She chuckled when I asked her what archery was and gave me a simple explanation.


Archery, in the most basic sense, is a sport or skill of shooting with a bow and arrows at the designated target. Sounds fun, was my first thought, and being taught by an elegant tutor, what a wonderful way to spend the day! We arrived at the area with a few people already playing archery. Sophia, the girl’s name, showed me how it’s done by doing it herself at first. She then passed the bow and arrow to me and told me to try and imitate her. Result, utter failure, the arrow went past the target board and hit the tree a few meters from the target.

She told me it was alright, not everyone hits their target the first time. She then told me to take the same position I had before released the arrow. She guided my shoulders a little bit to the left, whispered to my ear “take a deep breath and focus on the board”. She held my right arm a little and raised it a little higher. When she told me to release the arrow, the result was quite surprising. It totally missed the target. However, upon closer look, the arrow that hit the tree, actually hit an apple!

She smiled and told me to try to hit the target this time without any assistance. I took my stance, remembered my breathing, her words echoed in my mind, focused on the target, and as I released the arrow, time slowed down and without blinking an eye, I saw the arrow hit the board! Although it wasn’t the red dot, I was quite happy I was able to hit the target! Without receiving any help, I was able to actually properly hit the board. As if looking happy for me, Sophia gently smiled at me.

We took turns playing the game and had a wonderful time. We even competed who would hit the target the most, of course it was her overwhelming victory. Time really flies by, as we were getting hyped with archery, our parents told us that it’s time to go home. I was a little sad that our precious time was about to end, but her parting words lit a light in my hearth. “Next time, try to win against me” with a smile, she walked away. As if responding to her words, my thoughts screamed: let the games begin!

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