Carpets are an excellent accent to any room. It provides a homey and warm ambiance to a homes and offices. The trends may change, but carpets will always have a love affair with the dwellings they decorate. Also, a nice and clean carpet will leave a good impression to all our clients.

The carpet in the hall of our riding school in Utah has always been in good condition. Regular vacuuming helps in keeping the surface free from dirt and dust. However, the daily traffic in the riding school can inevitably turn the carpet drab. That is the reason why we contracted professional carpet cleaners to regularly take care of our carpets. Their service will help prolong the carpet’s life and keep it smelling fresh.

But did you know that aside from decorating our halls and lobby areas, the horses also benefit from carpets? No, we did not mean that we covered the entire stables with carpet, but it is close to that. There is a new material used as a footing for horse arenas, and that is recycled carpet fibers.

Recycling companies are starting to turn old carpets to carpet fibers to be utilized in the equestrian sector. The companies use heavy duty shredding machines to do the job. These carpet fibers are even hand-sorted to ensure that there are no glue or backing materials that could affect the quality of the threads. The carpet fibers are then mixed with sand or rubber fibers to form the horse footing.

The effect of adding textile to horse footing is the binding effect it gives to the sand particles. It increases friction that is why the footing is more stable than using just sand.

The advantages of using carpet fiber as horse footing are the following.

  • It provides a soft cushion to lessen the impact on horses’ legs especially when they are practicing.
  • It has good consistency and drainage.
  • It is resistant to frost.

This recycling initiative does not only create jobs and good footing materials for the horses. It also helps reduce garbage thrown into the landfills. It is helping the environment and provides immense benefits for the people and animals as well.

The carpet fiber is said to be safer than using rubber or PVC footing additive because it does not contain harmful chemicals. However, caution should be taken by riding schools who want to use it in their equestrian exercise area. You should choose reliable supplier to ensure that the carpet fiber you are using is clean and free from tacking wires that could hurt people and animals walking on the arena.

The carpet fibers should also be loose to blend well with the sand so check the fibers to ensure that there are no longer sticking to the carpet backing. You should also know that carpet fibers are sold by the ton. As such, careful inspection should be done because the carpet fibers are useless if it is not shredded to proper specification. In addition, the fibers you should buy should not be too sparse to get the value of your money.