The USA was the first country in the world with the strict preservation of democratic rules. It was the USA that promoted development of democracy in many European countries, particularly in the Western Germany after the world war II. The difference in two state systems can be seen very well on the example of Western and Eastern Germanys: while Western Germany promoted democracy it developed into well-established industrial country with good level of social defense, life quality and democracy. At the same time the Eastern Germany being under the influence of the Soviet Union regressed and became noticeably ill-organized at all the levels of social development, including democracy, social support and economic stability.
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The USA is the state with old traditions of democracy. There are many conditions of democracy, for example, the division of three governmental branches: executive, legislative and judicial, which assures their reciprocal control. One of the most important basic principles of democracy is freedom based on the constitution and protected by it. There are many constitutional freedoms. In this work we are going to examine three of them: the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and assemble. They can be called the basic freedoms of the American constitution and of a democratic society.

These freedoms are fundamental for keeping democracy in balance. They also help to provide reciprocal control of the democracy in the state. It encourages double-sided relationship between the government and the population of the country. This provides that the citizens can give their feed-back through freedom of speech, mass media, freedom of assemble and of religion.



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