French Bulldog facts are those interesting facts about this dog breed that every owner must know. These include short hair, wrinkled face, red nose, curly tail, and the tendency to slobber.

Also known as the American Bandog or the English Mastiff-looking dog breed, this dog is said to be one of the most famous dogs in history. The origin of these dogs can be traced back to the ancient French breeds. These were used as fighters during the wars.

Known as mastiffs or just mounds, these dogs were originally bred to pull carts. Adapted and playful, French Bulldogs (also known as Frenchies) have a resemblance to bulldogs except for the small size and big and flat ears. These dogs were originally bred to pull heavy hauling carts.

Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they were also used by the British army during the Boer War. The English called them “muzzle” because the noise they produced was designed to keep the horses in motion.

They are also one of the oldest known dog breeds. There is a discrepancy as to when exactly these dogs were first bred but it is believed that they were first tamed for use in England in the latter part of the seventeenth century.

At that time they were used for bear hunting. The meat from these animals, which was very tough, was very good for the rich. The French bulldog facts state that these dogs are still raised for companion and show dogs around the world today.

The French bulldog facts state that the temperament of these dogs is a mix of bull and terrier. They have a very strong and powerful drive and a very friendly disposition. They tend to look up to humans and are great with children.

They have been known to be very loving towards all family members, including their mother. These dogs will often follow their masters into anything they are going in, including hiking. The French bulldog facts state that this breed should not be housebroken.

They are very active and even though they do make great watchdogs, they do need some exercise. A good idea would be to enroll your pet in a training class so that you could learn how to control and train this dog correctly. If you live in an apartment, it would be best to purchase a small breed that doesn’t require a yard.

The French bulldog worksheets state that they have very poor vision, however, they can see well enough to eat. The eyes of these dogs should be cleaned daily. Their coat requires regular brushing. Their nails need to be clipped once a week.

Their ears should be checked regularly to ensure that they are not infected. Their teeth should be trimmed regularly. The French bulldog worksheets state that the Frenchie is a breed that needs a lot of exercises. The breed does not do well if it is not given much exercise.

They can be used for hunting but that would be considered excessive. If the dog has a lot of energy this could be a problem. The French bulldog does not get along very well with other dogs. They tend to dominate smaller dogs or large dogs.

It is also stated that Frenchies have breathing issues. This is because they sometimes have sleep apnea. This condition causes them to stop breathing for short amounts of time when they are asleep. It’s also wroth mentioning that you should remember this piece of information on french bulldogs right here.

Regularly give your Frenchie much exercise so that he or she is more apt to have good breathing. The French bulldog worksheets state that this breed does okay with other dogs and other people.