A successful lead generation for law firms comes down to establishing the most effective relationship between those seeking legal services and those working in a local area with legal needs to attorneys specializing in this field. Those clients who seek legal assistance often do not know where to turn when looking for legal assistance.

Many law offices have a website, but many attorneys own and operate their own websites as well. A good attorney website will be a great tool in drawing client traffic to the office. However, if the site does not contain sufficient information to draw clients, those visitors may end up going elsewhere for their legal needs.

Online Presence

In addition to a website, an online presence is important for law firms in order to draw new clients and keep existing ones. Most people today use search engines, rather than searching for an attorney by name. Therefore, having a website will help you to be found in this manner.

Additionally, the site should be up-to-date with recent information about your practice, as well as current marketing strategies to attract new clients. The site should also contain contact information for those who can answer any questions that new clients may have.

Social Media

The advent of social media has changed the way that many people communicate. Now, rather than just relying on traditional email, clients can share pictures, videos, and blog entries about the services that the law firm offers.

The ability for those who are not located in the state to communicate with those in another state has been a tremendous advantage for those practicing in this legal industry. Those attorneys who have developed an online presence can draw in new clients and retain their current clients through social media.


When developing an SEO strategy, it is important to include local search results for your law firm. Some local search results will focus on your specific area, while others will encompass your entire practice.

For those practicing in the more rural or small-city areas, having a link to the website from the city government or from your local chamber of commerce is advisable, as both organizations can share links to increase the public’s awareness of the services that your law practice provides.

Google Places

Google Places is a free tool provided by Google that allows local business owners to create a professional website that can be seen by clients. This website will include a range of professional branding and promotional activities such as business profiles, photographs, business hours, and more.

As part of its branding efforts, this website will feature local search listings. Law firms can benefit by placing their website on the front page of the local search results, which can generate more traffic and leads to their offices.

Google Maps

The official Google Maps service is one of the best tools available for local search engine optimization. Google Maps allows webmasters to place key information about their law practice right where searchers are looking for it will see it.

The service is not only limited to web content but also includes geolocation data, detailed directions, and more, allowing searchers to find their local business easily. Local law firm local search results will likely feature links to law practice websites, which can help generate even more leads for a law firm.

Link Building

Another way to boost your law firm’s online presence is to build strong relationships with other online entities. A link-building campaign should include an appropriate number of links to increase your visibility online.

A list of link partners for your law firm can be found at the website of Google and will likely include companies that have an interest in supporting your law practice. The links should be from companies who have similar products, services, or beliefs as your law firm.


For law offices that cannot afford to spend money on pay-per-click ads, there are other options for marketing. Law website owners can create content related to the law or the legal practices of their clients and submit them to online review sites, like Yelp or others.

Online reviews can provide useful backlinks to any website, increasing its popularity in search engine results. Get in touch with specialists from www.exclusiveleadsagency.com for more information on legal leads and more! They will be more than happy to assist you right away.