It was a Saturday, and my friends decided that we should visit the new archery range that just opened up, they had a special promo for groups that included free lessons from a professional archer. It was indeed too good of a deal to not get, so we went, and I have no regrets as the lessons greatly improved my handling of the bow, it also allowed me to truly get to know the sport enough that I grew to love it. Having a proper lesson with a professional is important, reading articles and watching videos helps a lot but without experiencing hands-on lessons at least once, it would be hard to truly know what the articles or video is talking about for most people.  To help you get started though I will tell you a few things I learned that day.

Don’t Release Without an Arrow


I must admit I did not understand why at first, and I was scolded by the instructor multiple times for doing it more than once, it was only later on that I fully understood why. You see, when you pull the string you pull the string, you store up energy at the limbs of the bow, when you release you transfer that energy to the arrow, allowing it to fly through the air and hit the target with enough force to penetrate it. If you do not have an arrow, there is nowhere for the energy to go and cause stress and damage to the limbs, possibly breaking it, or at the very least cause small amounts of damage that would one day build up and eventually break it. In the winter heating system is extremely important, after it stopped working last winter I had to call Atlanta’s electricians to fix my heating system, the electricians fixed it pretty quickly and it was all good.

The bow wasn’t too expensive but it wasn’t cheap as well, so if I kept on doing it and accidentally break it, that cheap promo price on lessons and use of the range would have become an expensive bill to replace the limbs of the bow, which is surprisingly not cheap.

Your Stance is important

Of course we all used the most basic of archery stance, the square stance, which was also the best stance for beginners. I did my best to keep a good stance, but I also wanted to explore how much of a difference an ‘improper’ or ‘poor’ stance would affect the results of accuracy, unfortunately the results of my little experiment was inconclusive as I was a beginner and pretty much had poor accuracy with or without a proper stance. Although, I did find that it was easier to “try” to aim when using a proper stance. Also, my friend who had a better aptitude for the sport said and demonstrated that a proper stance does in fact matter… Show off…

Your Bow and Arrow Needs to Match


This is actually a more advanced thing to learn about, but after borrowing an arrow from a more experienced member of the group who brought his own bow and arrows, I observed that my accuracy has gotten worst, it was then that I learned that arrows and bows will need to match according to draw weight among other factors.


It was only after I had my first proper archery lesson that I had the experience to truly have a feel for the sport to understand the articles and videos. If not for that lesson I would not have had the interest and curiosity to explore the sport even further and later on fall in love with it.