This might seem like an unlikely thing to happen, but it most certainly can.  Termites love wood, and though most bows are made of composite material, archery schools tend to buy bows with wooden risers, which if stored improperly can easily die, unfortunately, there is the thought of the problematic number of possibilities, such as the case with termites we had in our camp. We had placed most of our equipment in storage facilities all throughout the site. Unfortunately, one out of the four storage shed we had was infested with termites some time ago. We had employed a Pest Control Company Youngstown and let them do their job before entering to see what the damage was, most of the newer arrows were still usable, but the older wooden ones were far gone. The bows were pretty much unusable, but we were able to salvage the limbs as they looked like they were still usable.

The incident made us think over things and decided to transition into more sturdy materials that would last longer slowly. Our location and the amount of time we keep our equipment in storage without checking can allow another incident like this to happen, and rather than continuously spending money to avoid such things from happening, we opted to bug spray and sturdier equipment immune to the damage termites can bring.